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About Adv. Akash Menon

Conducted matters in the Bombay High Court, the District Courts, the Debt Recovery Tribunal, the Nashik District Court, and before Judicial Magistrates, Estate Officers, Official Liquidators and Court Receivers. Drafted Plaints, Written Statements, Statements of Claim, Replies, Writ Petitions, Affidavits in lieu of Examinations-in-Chief, Motions, Probate Petitions, Counter-claims, Summons, Winding Up Petitions and Notices. Assisted in arbitrations and negotiations, and examined in detail the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 1940, and the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996.

In-depth research was done on aspects such as questioning the adequacy of evidence in an arbitral award in a setting aside action, the finality of a specific question of law referred to an arbitrator, ‘error appears as a ground for setting aside, the applicability of foreign judgments on arbitration, etc. Worked on various cases relating to, inter alia, Development Control Rules, 1967, Development Control Regulations, 1991, CRZs, Debt Recovery laws, Co-operative Society disputes and Property disputes.

Independently advised clients on Trademark, Passing-off and Copyright matters, Consumer disputes, BIFR matters, Succession matters, Partnership disputes, and matters pertaining to the SARFAESI Act, Registration Act, Industries (Development & Regulation) Act, Companies Act, Major Port Trusts Act, SEZ Act, Sale of Goods Act, Employees’ Provident Fund Act and the Customs Act, amongst others. Conducted Recovery suits, Testamentary matters, DUI cases and Partition suits. Provided exhaustive research on issues such as corporate appointment, provisions relating to electronic records, agreements for lease based on contingent events, admissibility of affidavits notarized in Canada, etc.


Job opportunity with Adv. Akash Menon is for the position of Associate.


1-4 years PQE




Commercial litigation and disputes practice.

Application Procedure

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