Internship Opportunity At Niti Manthan: Apply By Jan 25

About Niti Manthan

Niti Manthan is an initiative to motivate and inspire young students on various socio-legal themes and to guide them traverses the righteous path throughout the endeavour of their personal and professional lives. By having a direct interaction and by the exchange of views with experienced legal minds and researching, conceptualizing and correspondingly reporting according to the selected avenue given below.

The think tank, Niti Manthan currently functions in the areas of Research, Legal blogs, Internships, E-classes, Young Leaders for the Legal Literacy Program, Research Centers on Medical and Health Law, Environmental Law, International Criminal Law & Psycho-Legal Studies, Workshops, Certificate Courses and Lecture Series.


The Centre for Environmental Law, Research and Action is committed to creating possibilities for student inclusivity in environmental policymaking. In pursuance of this goal, we run monthly student internship programmes that aim to introduce our interns to various fundamental aspects of environmental law and policymaking.

About the Internship Opportunity at Niti Manthan

Centre for Environmental Law, Research and Action (CELRA) is looking for board members as part of the primary management of the centre for a period of one year. Such board members shall play a pivotal role in the primary management of the centre.

Work Profile

The work profile of Internship Opportunity at Niti Manthan includes:

  • Managing departments and teams as collectively decided,
  • Working towards realizing the core visions and missions of CELRA by developing novel and creative initiatives,
  • Participating in all of CELRA’s Initiatives and endeavours. CELRA encourages creativity and original thinking from such members and requires active, responsible and consistent candidates.


  • Students of diverse fields such as law, humanities, environmental sciences, creative fields, and journalism.
  • Candidates must have prior experience in environmental law and leadership work.
  • Basic research skills and interest in environmental law and policy.
  • Ability to bring creative initiatives to increase CELRA’s impact on the environmental policy and research arena.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills


  • Flexible working hours
  • Mode of Work: Work from Home-Virtual
  • Opportunity to be associated and work closely with experts of the field

Application Procedure

To apply for the internship, fill out this form.

Please note that there is no monetary transaction involved at any stage. All the researchers are working pro-bono at Niti Manthan.


For any queries: Please feel free to write to us at or visit any of Niti Manthan Social Media platforms.

Mobile Number +91 9886970541 (WhatsApp only)


These vacancies fill up fast; Join Team Attorneylex’s WhatsApp group to get notified immediately. Also check us out on Instagram and Twitter

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