Law, Poverty and Development MCQ [Part: 1]

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1.            Social problem means

  1. state of affairs   
  2. moral approach to problem
  3. personal problem
  4. family problem                                                              Answer:               A

2.            “A pattern of behaviour that constitutes” is called

  1. social problem 
  2. economic problem
  3. political problem
  4. religious problem                                                         Answer:               A

3.            Which of the following is characteristic of social problem? A.       It affects on a large section of a society.

  • Always creates frustrations.
  • None of above.
  • All of the above.                                                            Answer:               A

5.            Which of the following is not characteristic of social problem?

  1.       Generally regarded harmful for the society.   
  2.   It has effect on a large section of a society.
  3. Develops gradually and slowly.
  4. All of the above.                                                            Answer:               C     

6.            Which of the following is not source of social problem?

  1. Social change      
  2. Poverty
  3. Personal development 
  4. Personal disorganization.                                           Answer:               C

7.            Density of population is very much related to

  1. climate                 
  2. political system
  3. environmental study
  4. economic condition                                                     Answer:               A

8.            Which of the following does not very much influence the density of population?

  1. Rainfall 
  2. Humidity              
  3. Soil fertility
  4. Erosion                                                                            Answer:               B

9. Delinquency is a kind of- A. Abnormality

  • Normality
  • Illness
  • All of the above                                                                       A

10. Delinquency is a juvenile misconduct that might be dealt with under the law- A. Friedlander

  • Cyril Burt
  • Ogburn
  • Mamoria                                                                                   Answer:               A

11. Which is the social cause of juvenile delinquency?

  1. Broken Homes
  2. Poverty
  3. Beggary
  4. All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D

12. Which is an institution to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents?

  1. Juvenile Courts
  2. Remnad Homes
  3. Foster Homes.
  4. All of the above.                                                                      Answer:               D

13. When was the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act enacted? A. 2005

  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008                                                                                           Answer:               C

14. Which is the cause of rapid growth of population in India?

  1. Peaceful conditions
  2. Excess birth over death
  3. Progress in medical facilities
  4. All of the above.                                                                      Answer:               D

15. Which is the effect of over-population?

  1. Population and poverty
  2. Low per capita income
  3. Shortage of food.
  4. All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D

16. Poverty is a-

  1. Social problem
  2. Economic problem
  3. Political problem
  4. Religious problem                                                                  Answer:               A

17. Poverty and ____ are twin problem found in India.

  1. Unemployment
  2. Child Labour
  3. Crime
  4. Casteism                                                                                 Answer:  A

18. Which are the economic problems of poverty?

  1. increasing Unemployment
  2. Capital Deficiency
  3. Inadequate economic development
  4. All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D

19. What is the full form of IRDP?

  1. Integrated Rural Development Programme
  2. Intelligent Rural Development Programme
  3. Induced Rural Development Programme
  4. None of the above.                                                                Answer:               A

20. Which is not a type of Unemployment?

  1. Seasonal unemployment
  2. Agricultural unemployment
  3. Cyclical unemployment
  4. Political Unemployment                                                       Answer:               D

21. Which are the personal factors of unemployment?

  1. Age factors
  2. Vocational unfitness
  3. Illness and/or physical disabilities
  4. All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D

22. What are the evil effects of Unemployment?

  1. Unemployment and personal disorganisation
  2. Unemployment and family disorganisation
  3. Unemployment and social disorganisation
  4. All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D

23. Which is not a remedial measure for unemployment

  1. Population Control
  2. Education Reforms
  3. Five-Year Plans
  4. Political Reforms                                                                     Answer:               D

24. What are the schemes introduced by the Government of India to remove unemployment? A. IRDP

  • NREP
  • JRY
  • All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D

25. What are the causes of corruption?

  1. Economic insecurity
  2. High rate of income tax
  3. System of democracy
  4. All of the above                                                                 Answer:      D

26._____ provides scope for organised crime.

  1. Corruption
  2. Unemployment
  3. Violence
  4. Terrorism                                                                                  Answer:               A

27. It is a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status- A. Blue collar crime

  • White collar crime
  • Red collar crime
  • All of the above                                                                       Answer:               B

28. What is the cause of black money?

  1. Inflation
  2. High rate of tax
  3. Different rates of excise duty
  4. All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D

29. Ole age is defined by- A. Physical strength deteriorates

  • Mental ability diminishes
  • Eye sight suffers
  • All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D

30. What are the salient demographic features of India’s population?

  1. Growth rate of population
  2. Uneven distribution of population
  3. Age composition
  4. All of the above                                                                       Answer:               D


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