Legal News

“No fundamental right is conferred on any religion to degrade The Other religion”

In the case of Precilla D’Souza versus state of Karnataka, the  Karnataka High Court observed that no fundamental right is conferred on any religion to degrade other religions.

The police have registered the case against the petitioner based on the complaint of Smt. Madhura wherein allegations are made against the petitioner. The petitioner while trying to propagate their religious beliefs told the complainant that Yesu Christa can give protection against future calamity like tsunami if he is believed and if they believe they get all types of peace of mind and no other religion can provide the same. 

Court rejected the petition of the accused seeking to quash the order taking cognizance of the complaint. The Karnataka High Court said that taking cognizance of such a complaint violates Article 14, 21 and 25 of the Constitution of India cannot be accepted for the reason that while professing any religion religious heads or  by professing by any person should not Degrade other religion.

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