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Supreme Court issues notice for plea seeking legal entity for animals

A Notice was issued by Chief Justice of India SA Bobde after deleting prayer made in petition by the Advocates Devesh Saxena and Shashwat Anand representing the Allahabad NGO- People’s Charioteer Organisation, seeking to declare the animal kingdom as a ‘legal entity’. The petition stated that the ancient texts of religions considered animals as equal to humans and that such a step was necessary to condone the rising animal abuse. The petition states that the relationship between animals and humans has become that of inferior and superior which is the reason for their abuse. However, the Supreme Court denied the same and issued a notice stating that it would be ‘difficult’ to grant the prayer for declaring the entire animal kingdom as a legal entity. SA Bobde also pinpointed that animals are protected under several other laws and cannot be seen as equal to humans.

Source: Bar and Bench

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