Call For Campus Ambassadors At Vidhi Samvad: Apply Now!

About Vidhi Samvad

Vidhi Samvad is a legal start-up that has been initiated with the ulterior motive of assisting law students throughout their journey to law school. Vidhi Samvad aims to help law students by providing them different, professional and advanced services through which their journey becomes nearly effortless. Our sets of services include – CV & Cover Letter Building where we provide students with a Google Form to fill in all the necessary and requisite details pursuant to which we get back to them with a nearly perfect document within 48 hours! Moreover, we also assist law students in areas such as Oral Argumentation for National & International Moot Courts, Preparation of Memorandum of Parties, Articles & Research Paper Writing, etc. In short, Vidhi Samvad provides all academic and co-curricular related assistance to the law students in need.

Call for Campus Ambassadors

Vidhi Samvad is planning to organize numerous fests, competitions and workshops (including courses) with the target of making opportunities more accessible for law students throughout the nation.

Call for Campus Ambassadors is being introduced with the sole purpose of increasing the reach to different campuses all around the nation.


Any student pursuing a 3 – Year LL.B. Course or a 5 – Year Integrated LL.B. Course from a University/College recognized by UGC.

Targets for Campus Ambassadors

  • Increasing our reach and promoting our start-up in their respective campuses,
  • Promoting our posters, flyers and other documents,
  • Promoting Our Services With An Aim to Assist Law Students In Their Campus,
  • Performing other functions or reaching other targets that may be prescribed.

Please Note – Vidhi Samvad reserves all the rights of terminating the tenure of the Campus Ambassador at their sole discretion.

Application Procedure

Fill the following Google Form:

Duration of Work

8 Weeks of Engaging & Learning Tenure (Extension May Be Provided On The Basis of Performance)

Perks Included

  • Certificate of Appreciation to All The Candidates
  • Letter of Recommendation to Excellent Candidates
  • Option of Availing Our Services For Free To The 3 Best Candidates
  • Best Candidates Would Also Be Given Perks
  • An Option to Be A Part of Our Official Team!
  • Other Impressive Perks such as discounted coupons to upcoming courses and workshops.


Anshit Minocha – +91 99580 05386

Co-Founder & Partner

Hardik Tyagi – +91 78308 34752

Co-Founder & Partner

Shashank Kesarwani – +91 79857 30945

Co-Founder & Partner

These vacancies fill up fast; Join Team Attorneylex’s WhatsApp group to get notified immediately. Also check us out on Instagram and Twitter

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