Internship Opportunity At The Wall Of Justice: Apply Now!

About the Wall of Justice

The finest ideas have the power to reshape who we are. “The Wall of Justice” is where those ideas come to life, take flight, and ignite intense debates. We are a free, open platform where we invite people to come up with new ideas that delve into the core of any issue bringing fresh perspectives to the fore. Our goal is to propagate these concepts and broaden people’s perspectives on societal matters. We are developing a new digital space for bringing students together from all over the world to encourage intricacy, depth, and critical storytelling. It is a welcoming setting that emphasizes substance and sincerity. It is also where deeper interactions between readers and authors may lead to development and discovery. We’re creating a trustworthy and thriving ecosystem fuelled by significant ideas and the people who think about them, with the help of our young and dynamic contributors. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion: – At the “The Wall of Justice”, we aim for students across all regions to have a voice so that diverse perspectives are heard and valued. A supportive workplace, in our opinion, is one in which individuals feel free to be themselves at work and have the freedom they require to meet their personal requirements.


  • Content Writers
  • Research Interns

As a Content Writer and Research Intern, you must be able to get to grips with complex issues, find new stories, and write clearly and persuasively for a wide audience.


  • Excellent writing and editing ability; excellent grammar.
  • Knowledge and interest in current affairs.
  • A desire to write and research to make a positive impact.
  • Must have strong editorial skills.
  • Must be able to generate and execute compelling and creative story ideas.
  • Organised, detail-orientated, self-directed, highly energetic, professional, and adaptable.


  • Publication of the selected articles on the website and featuring of the best papers on our social media handles.
  • Based on your performance, some of the members might be included in the core team.
  • Certificate* and Letter of Recommendation* to those members who performed and submitted each task submission effectively and efficiently (*at the discretion of the Coordinator).
  • Be a part of a global students community.

Application Procedure

To apply, click here.

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