Judicial conclave on ‘Law School to NJA: Deliberating the Judicial Services in India’

About Samvaad: The Discussion Forum: –  

A student-led initiative, at the Dr B.R. Ambedkar National Law University, Sonipat, Samvaad has been conceptualized as a socio-legal discussion forum to widen the horizons of public discussion. The idea behind the establishment of Samvaad encapsulates the 3Ds, i.e.,” Debate, Discuss and Devise.” Envisaged with discussions on topics that affect the world, while creating an inclusive bilingual society that provides an ideologically neutral platform shall be our motive and from here we shall begin a journey of ideas and words, that later would mould the actions of individuals, fostering humanity.

About Judicial Conclave: –

Samvaad is hosting some of the well-known personalities from the field of law whose experience and expert guidance can do wonders for the judicial service aspirants across the country as a career in the judiciary is one of the most sought-after options by law students.

Topic: –

The Topic of the judicial conclave is ‘Law School to NJA: Deliberating the Judicial Services in India’.

Date of the event: –

The date and time of the event are 10th July 2021 and 5 PM onwards respectively.

How to register?

Interested individuals can register on https://forms.gle/WJVHBpzirvM1GK7ZA by 11:59 AM, 7th July 2021.

Contact Information: –

For any query regarding the competition, contact us at samvaadthediscussionforum@gmail.com    

Utkarsh Sharma – +91 6203495375

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