Webinar on “Bail or Jail: The Conundrum Notion”: 26 May 2021

About Organizers

The Legit Society Of Awareness and Bolster  has been established for Public, Educational, sustainable development, socio – economic, cross culture awareness through various means viz events, articles publishing, conducting surveys etc.. Further, it implement various integrity based programmes to develop the leadership capacity of the society and inculcating the sense of belongings amongst people of all groups and religion; moreover, it organize workshop, exhibitions, lecturers, meetings, seminars, training courses, exchange programs to further the objectives of the society to promote art, culture  social development & interactive theatres on social issues to educate the public as well as public awareness promotion.


Webinar on Bail or Jail :The conundrum Notion

About speaker

Ashok Arora is the Former secretary of the Supreme Court Bar Association (India) and a senior lawyer at the Supreme Court of India. He is also law teacher, author & Motivational Speaker also. . Ex-Law Minister of India and former member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, Mr. Ram Jethmalani called him the Buddha of the twenty-first century.

Date & Time

Date– 26.May.2021 

Time – 5:00 p.m (IST) 


Google Meet 

Registration Link


Registration Fee

Rs 50/-

Mode of Payment & other details

Registration fee shall be transferred through Paytm on 8769226662 –

Account holder Name – Anshul Sharma


E-Certificate will be provided to Participants

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