Shashank’s Legal Remedial Classes: Limited Seats

I am Shashank Arun, I have been teaching law students from 5 years. My only aim is to make the students understand how to read & study law with correct approach and methodology. 

Classes 5 days a week, which is not fixed, depending on the situation it can be six days a week and two subjects daily. I prefer only 5 – 6 students in group classes, not more than that.

I strongly prefer that student should ask from me each and every doubt related to any particular subject or topic, to let the student speak is my primary Moto. It’s quintessential that a teacher is a good student before he/she represents himself/herself as a teacher.

There is no limitation as to subject, the student is at liberty to ask me anything, until and unless he/she gets content & satisfied.

The main concern & concept of these classes is to make students dependent on their own and not addictive to the teacher. 

For any other information/queries/concern regarding the enrolment in classes, student can directly approach me, on the below given numbers:-

Contact Details:- 886010303, 8299340100


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