Webinar on “Domestic Violence – An Overall View”: SNF

About The Organization

Social Nexus Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO). With the motto of “सहाय: समसुखदुःख:”, We are working for children & women rights under broad context of human rights. This includes providing legal & basic education, spreading legal and social awareness along with providing legal assistance. We want to create a sustainable future for children & women by equipping them with education, awareness & legal assistance, so that the society can be alleviated.

About the Webinar

Are you a domestic violence victim in India❓ Do you know someone experiencing  domestic violence ❓If yes then,  this Webinar 7.0 “Domestic Violence- An Overview ” will help you understand what domestic violence is, how to empower yourself against domestic violence, and how to find domestic violence counselling, helplines, and support in India.

Women in India have many legal rights that can make a huge difference in their present life and future. Know your legal rights and understand the laws against domestic violence in India so that you can be confident, aware, and also fearless.

Want to know more ?

Attend our interactive Webinar 7.0 on “Domestic Violence- An Overall View”

Guest Speaker :- Adv. Aastha Chadha 

(Delhi High Court, Civil,IBC, Matrimony, Family, Succession)

Advocate Aastha Chadha is a third-generation lawyer practising in Delhi and has an excellent and in-depth experience of working in various chambers and law firms. Along with being on the advisory board of various organisations, she is empanelled with various renowned Companies including some award-winning Companies. She is extremely skilled at advisory and litigation in various fields of law such as Civil, IBC, Matrimony, Family, Succession etc.

Topic:- Domestic Violence- An Overview

Date:17th Jan, 2021

Platform: Google Meet & You Tube

Registration:– Free

E-certificates & Certified Certificates to all participants. (T&C).

Registration Link: 


DM your questions & we will ask it during the session.

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