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China comments on India’s ban on 118 applications

Commenting strongly on India’s ban on over 118 Chinese applications after a border confrontation in Ladakh, China’s Commerce Ministry on Saturday said, “Indian actions violate the legal interests of Chinese investors and services providers and China asks India to correct its mistakes”. Chinese commerce ministry spokesman Gao Feng further added “India has abused the concept of national security and adopted discriminatory restrictive measures against Chinese companies.” China appears to firmly oppose the measure taken by India and went on to urge India to “correct its wrong practices.” Beijing also implied that India had taken such a decision under pressure from the United States of America. Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying warned India of taking a “short-sighted” decision in participation with the United States restrictions against the Chinese technology. Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology states the apps were banned as they were prejudicial to India’s sovereignty and integrity.

Source: News18

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