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SC rules PM Cares funds need not be transferred to NDRF

The Supreme Court today ruled that the PM Cares funds need not be transferred to the NDRF. The court was issuing a judgment on a PIL that sought such a transfer. The court said: “We have formulated some questions to be answered. Can the Centre formulate separate funds despite the NDRF being in place? Whether all contributions/grants should be credited to NDRF from PM Cares?

“We have held that the plan which was prepared by the government under NDRF was sufficient, even for COVID 19. Action plan under NDRF is sufficient; no new action plan is needed for tackling COVID. The Centre can utilize NDRF funds for COVID relief.“Any contribution/grant can be credited to NDRF. It’s open for anyone to contribute to the NDRF as voluntary contributions. The court said that the PM Cares fund also is open for anyone to contribute.” The court concluded that there arose no occasion to transfer the PM Cares fund to NDRF.

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