Law School Review

The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences

I am a second-year student pursuing my BA LLB degree from The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, West Bengal. My college is located at Dr Ambedkar Bhavan 12, LB Block, Sector-III, Salt Lake City Kolkata 700098 and more information can be accessed through their official website

Our college is located barely at the distance of 11km from the Subhash Chandra International Airport, and three railway stations are also located within a radius 8 km from our college. The city is full of surprises and rightly called the City of Joy as it never fails to bring joy to people, be it in terms of food, the diverse culture, tourist spots or even any regular lane of Kolkata will not fail to provide you with the essence of the entire city.

I stay in the college hostel, and the environment is so light and breezy in there. Girl’s hostel is like a different world in itself. Most of the rooms have different coloured walls, even within the room. It gives you a glance of the various characters that you will meet once you enter the hostel. There is no concept of day and night in our hostel. With seniors giving you late night tips over Maggie for next day exam to the same seniors partying with you in next college event, they become family who makes your survival a little more comfortable when you are far away from home.

Invicta and Outlawed are the major fests hosted by our college in February. Our college also hosts various moot, ADR and debate tournaments in the Winter Semester. Strict, No Ragging policy is followed in our college, and any case of ragging is severely punished.

Our college fee is paid semester wise with the two semesters being Monsoon and Winter. The yearly fee of approximately amounts to Rs 3,10,000, which is the highest among all national law schools. The cafeteria of our college is pretty decent, where one can hang out and get food at affordable prices.

Various committees are working to make college life more fun and informative at the same time. Our college also started a series of online lectures on YouTube, where college faculties interacted with various renowned people from the legal fraternity on the contemporary issues brought into light by the COVID epidemic.

The academic syllabus is divided into ten semesters for five years, and the first three years, students are required to study subjects of both law and BA. Students then choose electives in the fourth year as per their interests and GPA of previous years.

Our college has a smaller campus as compared to other national law universities whose campus is spread into acres and acres of land. But this cannot be taken as a disadvantage as our college is located in the main city, which makes access to other parts of the city easy and quick. We have a vast library and also offer personal collections of various eminent legal personalities. Our college is ranked third among all national law universities as per the last year’s national law university ranking.

Our college has a very impressive history of in-campus placement, where the most prominent law firms in India come every year.  The atmosphere of the entire college is super relaxed, and I consider myself lucky that I have been able to become part of this institution. College is, not just a place of rote learning and a college which offers one a whole range of opportunities, not only academic but non-academic is every law student’s dream.

Submitted By: Shreya Khandelwal

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