Internship Opportunity at Chandrodaya Education Consultants

Chandrodaya Education Consultants: Internship Programme (15 Aug- 15 Nov)

The Chandrodaya Internship Programme will be aimed at finding and hiring such law students and law graduates who can commit themselves to a start-up and grow along with it. Individuals who can take up the challenge of outshining themselves. Chandrodaya will provide on-post training and mentoring to those who are ready for the diverse requirements of the role. 

It is a part-time position where student would be required to give a few hours a day. 


3 months

General skills required: 

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Keen and passionate for the company’s social profile and vision
  3. Good college connections
  4. Good academic background
  5. Flexible work hour and work-roles


  1. Monetary Benefits:
  • Rs. 3000/- stipend each to the Top 3 interns who successfully complete 3 months 
  1. Non- Monetary Benefits:
  1. LinkedIn Account Optimization (Training and Execution) 
  2. Certification of Internship
  3. Recommendation and Assistance for prospective Internships
  4. Free access to workshops and training sessions

Positions Open: 

Social Media Associates

Necessary Skills:

  1. Appreciation and knowledge for the power of social media 
  2. Understanding of LinkedIn and Instagram 
  3. Knowledge of social media traction and the new trends 

Job Description:

  • The person would be responsible for creating strategy for our social media handles i.e. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • The person would need to closely work with our Design Team to create copy, captions, designs for the social media handles
  • The person must have knowledge about the traction of each handle separately and would be working on increasing all of the same 

Content Development Team

Necessary Skills:

  1. Basic knowledge and inclination towards Constitutional Law, Political Science, Sociology, Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophies.
  2. Basic understanding of etiquettes of professional communication.
  3. Knack for research and writing.

Job Description:

  • The person would be responsible for creating content for all the platforms including but not limited to the website and social media handles.
  • The person should be able to work independently and in team.
  • The content can either be brochure, business pitch, communications, articles or blogs, or even short pieces of content, depending on the platform.

PR and Communications 

Necessary Skills:

  1. Excellent command over English Language
  2. Good networking skills
  3. Good inter-personal skills
  4. Creative academic mind

Job Description:

  • The person would be responsible for all the external communication happening on behalf of the organization.
  • The tasks of an PR and Communications Intern can include drafting mails, small messages for communication etc.
  • The person would also be responsible for representing the Organization in the industry, academia and institutions.

Designing Team

Necessary Skills:

  1. Knowledge of at least one Designing Softwares like Canva, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc. 
  2. Creative mind and the ability to come up with unique designs from scratch.

Job Description:

  • Devising ideas for creative contents, making creatives such as posters, brochures, infographics etc.
  • Coordinating with other teams.

Business Development Associates

Necessary Skills:

  1. Should be a Management Student/ Graduate
  2. Must have knowledge of strategy building, marketing, and brand building

Job Description:

  • Identification of potential client base and establishing primary contact with them.
  • Developing business pitch ideas.
  • Building channels for smooth client service experience.

Outreach Coordinators

Necessary Skills: 

  1. Excellent Communication Skills 
  2. Good command over English Language 
  3. Knack for strategic thinking and decisive nature 

Job Description:

  • Act as a primary point of contact with their peers and institution.
  • Act as organisation’s representatives on various platforms and create a market presence.
  • Work as the official volunteer and flag bearers in the Pro-Bono Education Consultancy program of Chandrodaya.

Copy Editors

Necessary Skills:

  1. Basic knowledge of MS Office 
  2. Must be aware of how to proceed with legal research

To apply, click on:

These vacancies fill up fast; Join Team Attorneylex’s WhatsApp group to get notified immediately. Also check us out on Instagram and Twitter

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