About the Organization 

The Legal Stair is an organization which is focusing on law students, legal professionals and practitioners and other graduating students in the field of presentation, competition, writing, research work, and in other legal developing fields, it is a platform providing the power of gaining knowledge and expressing their views, competitive skills and new ideas.  


The Legal Stair is all here with another opportunity, organizing the Real Court room moot Competition but hey! Wait, it’s not like the ordinary and lengthy moot court system. We are here with one step ahead in Moot Court process, “Competition with real Court Room Drama” because yes it includes ‘criminal matter’ and definitely an interesting one for all!  

The competition carries a slight difference from the ordinary moot system and thus it will catch the interest of many in compelling way. 

The primary objective of this competition is to encourage the law students to develop their competitive and advocacy skills and knowledge for application of laws in the Criminal Moot Problem. 

 Herein this competition- 

  • Participants can take part in the competition as an ‘individual’ or with ‘a co-partner’ or in the ‘team of 3 partners’ 
  • In case of the team of 3- there will be 2 speakers &1drafter. 
  • In case of the team of 2- there will be 1 speaker & 1 drafter. 
  • In case of an individual, the participant will be performing as a speaker as well as drafter (the drafting of applications in all the rounds has to be done by himself only).  ➢ Here, the Drafter will be considered as a Researcher.  
  • Each team or participant will be provided with the ‘Team Code’ and is going to be mentioned with that team code only, throughout the competition 
  • The registration will be on “first come first serve bases”.  
  • Participants are required to be present in their formal dress code.  
  • The competition will take place on an online platform (google meet) only. 
  • All the Participants will be facilitated with the e-participation certificate and the winning teams will get the cash prizes, certificate of achievement. 
  • Top Two teams will get the internship for one month duration under the Advocates of Delhi High Court and District Court.    
  • The participants need to register themselves by the due date positively. The simplified method will be through online mode only. 
  • No refund and withdrawal of the team will be made once the registration is done. 

The competition has been organized in such a way that participations can be considered as in the above-mentioned ways with all the fair trial in the competition. 


  • Students     pursuing     the     three     or     five-year     LLB     course     from     any     Law 

School/college/university recognized by BCI in India are eligible to participate. 

  • Students pursuing their LLM from any Law School/college/university recognized by BCI in India are eligible to participate. 

Competition details and guidelines 

  • Competition will include 3 rounds: 

1st Round 

  • Two teams/individuals will compete against each other.  
  • The time limit in total will be of 20 minutes maximum. 
  • One team/individual from the Accused side (Defence) and another team/individual from the State side (Prosecution). 
  • Material to be provided in the first round to the participants:  
    • Moot problem with facts and circumstances. 
    • Information report in the form of FIR (Hindi). 
    • Other relevant documents and evidences (required for the round if any). 
  • At first, both the teams/individuals will present their matter and will start with the procedure of defence and opposition from their sides respectively.  
  • No rigid memorial to be needed in this round, procedure will take place on the bases of bail application and other documents only. Therefore, there is no need to prepare any memorial, only the drafting material of application and documents, evidences will be required. 

 2nd Round 

  • The qualified teams/individuals will present their further drafting. 
  • The time limit in total will be of minimum 5 minutes & maximum10 minutes. 
  • Further information (in addition) for the second round will be provided to the qualified teams after the completion of first round only. 
  • Final arguments will take place in this round from both sides of the parties.  
  • The submission has to be done and emailed at  

3rd Round 

  • The final qualifying teams/individuals in this round going to present their final arguments. 
  • The time limit will be of minimum 20 minutes & maximum 30 minutes. 
  • Further material (if any) regarding the case will be provided to the qualifiers.  
  • Material to be provided in the final round: 

 Other relevant disclosure of documents. 

Drafting of all the rounds can be done with the help of IPC, Cr PC, Evidence Act.  

Marking Scheme for the Competition 

1. Drafting 

20 Marks

2. Advocacy/Speaking Skills 

20 Marks

3. Knowledge of relative laws as per sections  

20 Marks

4. Closure of Statements 

20 Marks

5. Overall presentation skills 

20 Marks

Perks/ Benefits 

Cash prize up to ₹4000 and will be provided by the Legal Stair team. 

Details of prizes- 

  • 1st prize: ₹1,400/- 
  • 2nd runner up prize: ₹1,200/- 
  • Best Speaker prize: ₹500/- 
  • Best Written Submission: ₹500/- 
  • All the Participants will be facilitated with the e-participation certificate. 
  • Winning teams/ individuals will get the cash prizes and certificates of achievement.   
  • Online Internship for the period of four weeks will be provided to the top 2 winning team/ individual.   
  • Special mention certificates for Best Written Submission and Best Speaker. 

Registration Fee 

  • ₹300 per participant 

Important Dates 

  • Last Date of Registration: 30th August,2021 
  • Orientation: 31st August,2021 
  • Preliminary Round: 2nd September,2021  
  • Semi Final Round: 4th September,2021 
  • Final Round and Valedictory Ceremony: 6th September,2021 
  • Final Result declaration: 6th September,2021 
  • Disclosure of Criminal Moot problem for the 1st round: last week of August,2021 
  • Release of additional moot information for each round will be given a day prior of conduction of each round.  

Submission of written material  

  • Submissions of written material must be done prior to the day of the respective rounds i.e., –  
    • Preliminary Round: Drafted Bail Application by all the participants to be submitted on 1st September 2021. 
    • Semi Final Round: The written statements to be submitted on 3rd September 2021.  
    • Final Round: Final Arguments submission on 5th September 2021. 
  • All     the     above-mentioned     submissions     have     to     be     emailed     at: 
  • The teams will get to know about their side, from which they have to represent (whether Defense or Prosecution) 2 hours before on the day of conduction of first round and so the link of google meet platform will also be provided at the same time only.  

How to register? 

  • Type ‘Registration’ and mention each team member’s full name with the description of their roles 

For e.g.  A- Drafter   

  1. Speaker no.1  
  2. Speaker no.2
  • Further details to be mentioned- 
  • College/Institute/University name 
  • Contact numbers of each member of the team 
  • E-mail ids of each member 
  • Payment mode and screenshot of the payment  
  • Screenshot has to be send on WhatsApp no. +91 9811067617 

Payment procedure 

  • For Paytm: +91 8368684247 
  • For Google Pay/ UPI: +91 9811067617  

Contact Details 

 E-mail: Co-Ordinators:  

For queries, contact- Kritikaa Bhatt: +91 9958056903  

Anushka Thakur: +91 8368684247 

For registration, contact-  Mukul Sharma: +91 9811067617 

 Representatives, The Legal Stair team  

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