Justice Remedem is a highly skilled and professionally reputed Independent Institution established in 2020 to respond to the needs of businesses and Individuals globally for time and cost efficiency in the resolution of disputes through Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation, Negotiation and Online Dispute Resolution. 

Justice Remedem provides efficient, flexible and impartial administration of arbitration and other ADR proceedings, regardless of location, and under any system of law

Our first and foremost aim is to provide best of our services and to make a world a better place to live in, where everyone is equal in the eyes of law and protected by the law. A world where there are no disputes and everyone rights are protected. A world where arbitrary exercise of power is prevented and social justice is embraced.

Justice Remedem strives for betterment of society and the world. It is a platform where Professionals and their teams work together to achieve world peace by solving disputes by the best method of Law

We have access to the most eminent and experienced arbitrators, mediators and experts from many jurisdictions, and with the widest range of expertise. The Justice Remedem’s dispute resolution services are available to all contracting parties, without any membership requirements.


Our vision is to be an elite resource conflict management and resolution centre that clients value for our people and performance. Our goal is to promote arbitration and mediation as a preferred mode of dispute resolution and be recognized as the go-to enterprise when traditional court proceedings are no longer optimal or feasible. Our success in alternative dispute resolution will continue to be enhanced by our strong sense of urgency and extensive experience within both our internal team and our arbitrator and mediator panel in litigation and trial work. We particularly aim to excel when conventional means fail.

We endeavour to build our Centre’s reputation by satisfying each of our clients’ needs and by excelling in providing a streamlined process for amicable solutions to disputes between parties with different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Our integrity demands impartial and fair treatment of all people with whom we come in contact, especially while we professionally handle sensitive matters, maintain confidentiality, and exercise sound judgment. Our support team will only be expanded by adding dedicated, personable, and skilled professionals who can enhance our Centre. This vision guides everything we do.


As a domestic, international, and inter-jurisdictional arbitration and mediation centre, Justice Remedem’s mission is to serve our clients as a primary dispute resolution resource and partner in negotiation, arbitration, mediation, and restorative endeavours. We foster a means to combine exceptional, ethically sound legal expertise and strategic advice with arbitration and meditation techniques, deep industry knowledge, and refreshingly creative thinking to help clients achieve their goals. We independently assess client needs, assist in facilitating negotiation and dialogue between disputants, and enable the development of responsive solutions and/or mutual agreements outside of the court system. Our arbitrator and mediator panel encompasses the whole range of commercial and financial disputes including defamation, insurance litigation, banking litigation, professional negligence, administrative law matters, and proceedings for judicial review. Moreover our professional’s also work for resolution of Matrimonial, Property disputes, civil disputes, Maritime Disputes, Oil Industry Disputes, Landlord Tenant Disputes and all related disputes.

For our clients, we are devoted to respectfully managing the interests of parties who are seeking resourceful, economical solutions to complex legal matters, and we are dedicated to sustaining the mechanisms needed to achieve the best possible, peaceful resolution to their dispute or conflict. We esteem openness, communication, and honesty.

For our Centre, we realize our goals by cultivating a professional and collegial environment that attracts and develops the most effective and respected neutrals and associates. We regard initiative, innovation, teamwork, and loyalty as key components of delivering unparalleled resolution services.


  • Free membership For the Time Being
  • Opportunities to network and connect with peers
  • Opportunities to take on leadership roles within the organisation
  • Advance notice of all conferences and seminars arranged by Justice Remedem and discounted registration fees for these events.
  • Justice Remedem events offer members outstanding networking opportunities.
  • A listing in the online Directory of Members. The Directory lists members’ contact details, nationality, profession, languages spoken and areas of specialisation 
  • Learn and apply Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques for conflict resolution


  • Create content for the website such as E-books, Blogs, PPT’s and training modules.
  • Research and suggest on latest Dispute Resolution techniques which can be used by centre.
  • Give ideas and suggestions to increase scope of ADR in India and to indulge people and corporate with the centre.
  • Make informative posters and content as per requirement.
  • Take leadership roles and manage teams.
  • Assist neutrals in the dispute resolution proceedings.
  • Spread the mission and vision of the centre in your locality.
  • Research and suggest for collaborations and tie ups.
  • Be a part of informative debates and discussions
  • To engage with people from India and Abroad.
  • To work for International Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Other related work as per requirement



  • Interest and knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Must be a law student


  • Interest and knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Must be a Practicing/Corporate lawyer


  • Interest and knowledge of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Must be a Practicing/Corporate lawyer active in Dispute Resolution for atleast 5 years


Our website is in case you would like to learn more about us and best practices.

Email Id

Feel free to reach out to us for further information.

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