Hiring “Chief Executive Head” & “Chief Operational Head”: Heal Domain, Hoot Welfare Society

About Hoot Welfare Society 

The Hoot Welfare Society is a Lucknow (INDIA) based non-profit organisation with a chartered vision of supporting and nurturing meaningful communication through interdisciplinary social and cultural projects. We provide opportunities for creativity and community-based innovation and aim for collective impact with each project. Currently, Hoot Welfare Society is working in five domains:

  • Smriti (Social Nourishment)
  • Jeev Sharan Grah (Animal Nourishment)
  • Heal (Medical Nourishment)
  • Swaraj (Student Nourishment)
  • Law Bloom (Legal Nourishment)

About Heal

HEAL is part of the well-known organisation Hoot Welfare Society

Health is the fundamental part of any human being. Our Constitution also ensures that the right to health is a fundamental right that requires special attention. Therefore, keeping in mind the objective of society, we created this domain and named it HEAL. We are a non-profit organisation striving to work in the field of health as a whole. We conduct different awareness programmes on the points in question like living a healthy life, malnutrition, and sanitation by providing the requisite knowledge to understand better these areas for the deprived by renowned doctors, professors and researchers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we went on the field to discuss rumours which were being spread primarily amongst the vulnerable parts of our society.

HEAL’s primary focus is to be aware of the underprivileged sections of society disadvantaged as the poor, women, children, elderly, etc. Apart from this, we also focus on the research and development in medical sciences by conducting seminars, workshops, internships, journal publications etc., for the development of students and society.

It is delighted to announce that Hoot Welfare Society is hiring for the below positions for Heal domain:

  1. Chief Operation Head
  2. Chief Executive Head

The detailed work of the position will be mailed to the selected students.


  • Only 2nd and 3rd-year medical students are eligible from any recognised University. 

Working Conditions

  • Flexible working hours
  • Work from home

No.of hiring

  • 2

Application procedure

  • Send your CV to with your SoP and why you are a suitable candidate for this position. 


  • Minimum – 6 months


  • Volunteer Certificate
  • Certificate of Appreciation (extraordinary work)

Last date of application

  • 15th July, 2021

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