Call For Editors: Legally Flawless

About Legally Flawless

Legally Flawless is an online platform for law students where they can contribute their legal knowledge and get recognized for their contribution. The blog is read in 15+ countries. Also, it has been featured in the list of top 100 Indian Legal Blogs to follow in 2020 by Feedspot.

Our aim is to achieve the goal of spreading legal awareness and information in an easy format. This is to keep the readers updated with the developments in the legal industry. It tries to provide the readers with an authentic source of information to know about a particular problem or news.

We have also started sharing Legal Opportunities, internships and Jobs through our WhatsApp Groups to notify the law students of latest Opportunities in the legal Industry, so that no opportunity is missed.

Number of Vacancies

Five (5)


1. The applicant must have strong research and analytical skills.

2. The applicant must possess strong command over English.

3. Students currently enrolled in their 3rd year or above of Five Year Integrated Law Program or 2nd Year or above of Three Year LLB Program

Benefits of joining Legally Flawless:

1. Letter of completion would be given to those who successfully accomplish the tasks.

2. Get recognized on one of the fastest-growing Indian Law Blogs.

3. Empower your resume by working for the Legally Flawless Blog.

4. Enhance your knowledge and learn the art of writing quality blogs that are read globally.

Roles of an Editor

1. Reviewing and editing articles and blogs.

2. Checking and Verifying Facts.

3. After having done the above-mentioned tasks, the editor shall prepare and submit a summary report along with the edited manuscript.

How to Apply?

Fill out the Google Form:

Selection Procedure:

1. The candidates will have to fill the Google Form.

2. The shortlisted candidates will then have to review an article within 5 days.

Last date to Apply: 7th June 2021 

Contact Information:


Mail us at:[at]

WhatsApp: 9575948928/ 95377 42152

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