Anjali was a 25 year old girl who was working as a professor in Queensland College, in the state of Palmgrove. She got into a relationship with Aneesh a professor from the same college. He was 27 years old. Aneesh was a rich guy but Anjali belonged to a middle class family. Anjali introduced Aneesh to her parents and they agreed to get her married to him and they both tied knot as per the Hindu rites on January 15, 2020. Anjali moved to Aneesh’s place after the marriage. 

Anjali and Aneesh both lived a happy and peaceful life together until her first child. When she gave birth to her daughter Girija, Aneesh’s mother started to constantly insult and taunt Anjali for being brought up in a poor family and coming and living with his son and ruining their money and lifestyle. Ankita (Mother-in-law) of Anjali blamed her for the business loss which occurred after Anjali entered the family. She stated her to be as a sign of bad luck because of which they had huge loss in their business which later had to be shut down due to immense debt of the company. Ankita told her daughter-in-law to get a some of 20 lakhs from her parents. Anjali was very much frustrated and depressed. Later, Aneesh started to drink a lot a started to insult his wife for being born in a family of beggar. Anjali after all these insults in one such occasion slit her wrists but was later saved by her sister-in-law.

Ankita took her to the psychiatrist and the physician prescribed some medicines to be taken and also told her to go and stay in her parents house for some time. Later she gave birth to a second child named Sita. This ruined her lifestyle even more as she was insulted and beaten physically also many times by her husband due to financial crises.

On February 8, 2021 few neighbours saw Anjali running from her in laws house with fire in her dhupatta and she fell on the road and few passerby quenched the fire. She was succumbed to 90% of burn injuries. Her mother-in-law stated to the neighbours that Anjali was mentally ill and didn’t know what she was upto and also stated that Anjali ruined the happiness of her son Aneesh. Anjali was taken to the Hospital and before the Sub Inspector of Police and few doctors she gave her dying declaration which mentioned her mother-in-law was the one who set her on fire and also stated she was tortured physically by her husband. She died 2 hours later after the statement.

Ankita and Aneesh were arrested and taken before the trial court. The court gave the order in favour of Anjali and sentenced them under sections 302, 304B and 306 of the Mangalore Penal Code. Aneesh appealed to the High court. The High Court of Palmgrove as listed to hear the matter on 29th May, 2021 on the following issues:

  1. Whether the appeal filed by Ankita and Aneesh is maintainable or not?
  2. Whether the accused Ankita and Aneesh were liable for dowry death as per section 304B of MPC?
  3. Whether the accused Ankita and Aneesh were liable for murder as per section 302 of MPC?
  4. Whether the accused Ankita and Aneesh were liable for abetment of suicide as per section 306 of MPC?


  • The laws of Mangalore are pari materia to the laws of India.
  • The participants are required to stick onto these issues framed and to frame their arguments for both the sides.
  • The issues can be interchanged according to the wishes of the teams.



All the law students from recognised law institutes can take part in this competition. There is no bar on the number of teams from a particular college, however there is a total cap of 40 teams.

Team composition-

This competition is strictly a 2 member competition. It cannot be altered at any circumstances.

Language and dress code-

The language of the moot competition shall be held in English and no other vernacular languages shall be entertained. 

  1. For boys the dress code is black suit, white shirt and tie.
  2. For girls the dress code is black suit, white shirt.


Teams may register for the competition by copying & opening this link in your web browser:


Each team shall pay an amount of 500 rupees and shall send the screenshot of the payment to edunationonline20@gmail.com. On successful registration and submission of screenshot the team will get a confirmation mail.

The last day for registration is May 20, 2021 till 11.59pm. Kindly note that teams which register for the competition and later withdraw from the competition due to some circumstances, their money will not be refunded at any cost. 

Mode of registration-

Bank Account Transfer:

A/C Name- Emi Grace Mary Gowshika 

A/C Number- 50100276642736 (Nungambakkam High Road Branch)

IFSC Code: HDFC0000082

Payment Receipt Screenshot must be uploaded in the Registration form to Proceed for Registration.

Dates of competition and allocation of lots-

The competition shall be held virtually due to the covid situation. The competition will be held on 29 and 30th May, 2021. The sides will be allocated on 28th May, 2021. 

Rounds of the competition-

The competition shall consist of 2 rounds namely, the prelims and finals. The preliminary round will be conducted as video recorded version. Each team will be given a maximum of 20 minutes for preliminary round, in which one speaker shall not talk for more than 12 minutes. The recorded video should be mailed to us at edunationonline20@gmail.com on 29th May, 2021 on or before 6pm. The results will be declared on 30th May, 2021 at 10am. The 2 teams which qualify for the finals will have their final rounds on 30th May, 2021, followed by Valedictory function. 

Note- there is no researchers test in this competition. The results and scoring will be the judges decision which cannot be disputed at any stage.

Memorial submission format-

  • Each team shall submit the memorial for both the sides namely the petitioner/ plaintiff/ appellant and respondent/ defendant.
  • The memorial shall not exceed 30 pages including the front page. Each extra page after 30 will have a deduction of 2 marks.
  • The copies submitted to the organising committee shall not be returned to the participants under any circumstances.
  • The last date for memorial submission is 26th May, 2021 till 11.59pm, no extra time will be given. Teams submitting after the prescribed time limit and date will be disqualified.
  • Memorials must be typed and submitted on standard A4 size paper.
  • Font and size of the text of all parts of the memorial (excluding footnotes) must be the same and must be in Times New Roman 12 font size. The headings should be in font size 14 and the footnotes must be font size 10.
  • The texts of all parts of each memorial must be double-spaced, with one inch margin on both sides.
  • The memorial should be submitted both in doc and pdf format.
  • Each page except the front page must be numbered in the bottom middle.
  • Memorial on behalf of petitioner or respondent must be mentioned in each page on the top middle.
  • Cover page of the memorials: blue for plaintiff/ petitioner/ appellant and red for respondent/ defendant.
  • The memorial shall consist of the following parts:
  1. Front page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Index of authorities
  4. Statement of jurisdiction
  5. Summary of facts (not exceeding 2 pages)
  6. Statement of issues
  7. Summary of arguments (not exceeding 2 pages)
  8. Arguments advanced
  9. Prayer

Assessment of memorial-

Judging criteria: Marks allotted

Knowledge of law and fact: 20

Interpretation of law and application: 20

Research: 20

Concept clarity: 20

Language, grammar, style and citation sources: 20

Evaluation of prelims to finals-

  1. Both the memorial marks and the speaker marks for the prelims will be added and taken into consideration for qualifying the team to finals.
  2. Make sure that the video is taken with utmost clarity and sound effects.
  3. Make sure that the background should be plain without any representations.
  4. Each team will have 40 minutes to present their arguments for finals.
  5. Draw of lots for finals will take place at 11am.
  6. Timing for final round- 3pm.


  • Winner- 2000 rupees + merit certificate
  • Runners up- 1000 rupees + merit certificate
  • Best memorial- 1000 rupees
  • All participants will get a participation certificate

Important dates-

  • Last date for registration- 20th May, 2021
  • Last date for seeking clarification- 17th May, 2021
  • Release of clarification- 19th May, 2021
  • Submission of memorial- 26th May, 2021
  • Submission of recorded video- 29th May, 2021 (before 6pm)
  • Finals (google meet)- 30th May, 2021


Phone number- 8148137892, 9080916238, 9171834503.

Mail id- edunationonline20@gmail.com


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