Law Informants is an online platform for Law Students, Researchers, Scholars, and enthusiasts seeking to bring together the Legal Fraternity. We aim to act as a bridge by connecting our viewers to the opportunities present all around. We present everything there is about Law and more.

The Law Informants’ blog aims to publish short academic articles alongside commentary on contemporary and recent emerging socio political issues falling within the sphere of Law.


While there are no rigid thematic constraints, the blog should be related to the academic sphere. The expectation is that the submitted article will provide informed perspective, critical thinking & new sight to the reader.


Articles in the nature of Case Analysis, Legislative analysis, Policy Analysis, and any other short articles.


Any person enrolled in any under graduate or post graduate legal courses are eligible for submitting their original work for publication on the blog.

We have legal luminaries whoa advise our editorial board. Visit the link to know more:


  1. Co-authorship up to two authors is allowed. Refrain from mentioning the name, institutional affiliation or any other detail of the author’s in the document to facilitate the double-review process.
  2. The Blog has a strict policy against Plagiarism. Any article with Plagiarism more than 20% will lead to immediate disqualification.
  3. The word limit for the manuscript is 1500 words. This word limit is exclusive of the end notes (if any).Longer posts may be accepted and published in parts subject to the discretion of the editors.
  4. All references must be in the form of hyperlinks in the body of the submission. Hyperlinks should be provided to all supporting materials and legal texts for the benefit of the readers. In case no hyperlink is available for any reference, use of end notes is recommended. No speaking end notes or footnotes are allowed.


  1. The title of the post should be formatted to Garamond font size 14, All Caps and in bold. The main body of the text should be formatted to Garamond font size 12. With a 1.5 line spacing with a single line space between the paragraphs.
  2. Submissions must be in a Word format (‘.doc’or‘.docx’). Ensure that the title of the document has been renamed to the title of the post.


Mail us your submission at editoriallawinformants@gmail.com with the subject of the mail as: “Submission | Law Informants Blog”. Articles will be accepted on Rolling Basis.


All texts will go through a double-peer review. The review process consists of two tiers–preliminary review and detailed review.

We have a preliminary review process (“Tier1”), followed by a detailed review process (“Tier2”).

The decision along with any amendments and suggestions shall be communicated to the author at the earliest. Our editorial Board shall suggest you structural changes and guide you through the process, if necessary.

If the text has been selected for publication, the author will be expected to perform any necessary revision(s) in good faith. The author is also expected to be cooperative when it comes to minor editorial changes which might be necessary even after revision at Tier2.


The Blog follows a comprehensive double review process. The Board of Editors shall endeavor to keep the author informed about the current status of their manuscript as it goes through each stage of review.

The Board of Editors retains complete discretion over acceptance/rejection of manuscripts.

The Board of Editors will not entertain requests for advance decisions based on abstracts, topic proposals or outlines. Editorial decisions shall be based solely on review of the final manuscript submitted by the author.

Post-review, manuscript may be returned to the author with suggestions related to substance and/or style. Acceptance of a manuscript for publication is contingent on the incorporation of such suggestions to the satisfaction of the Board of Editors.

Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication by the Board, the copyright over the manuscript is vested in the Blog. However, the moral rights over the manuscript shall vest in the author.

Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication, the same shall not be published on any other platform. The Blog only accepts exclusive publications.

Authors shall be issued a certificate of acknowledgment of publication on the Law Informants’ Blog.


Certificate of Publication will be provided to only those authors whose blog gets published on our website.




Any query related to submission may be directed to Arjun Tyagi (6398663373)

  • mail- editoriallawinformants@gmail.com


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