Webinar 10.0 on Intricacies of Filing An FIR: SNF

About The Organization
Social Nexus Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO). With the motto of “सहाय: समसुखदुःख:”, We are working for children & women rights under broad context of human rights. This includes providing legal & basic education, spreading legal and social awareness along with providing legal assistance.We want to create a sustainable future for children & women by equipping them with education, awareness & legal assistance, so that the society can be alleviated.

About The EventWhat does FIR actually mean?? When to register an FIR ?? How to register an FIR ?? What are the rights of the person registering an FIR??

What to do in the case where a police officer refuses to register an FIR?? What happens after registration of an FIR is completed ?? Should a person fear visiting a police station frequently after registering an FIR?? What are the legal intricacies involving registration of an FIR?? What is the objective of an FIR??

All queries answered in one webinar!!

Attend our 10th series of webinar on Intricacies of Filing An FIR

Registration Link:– https://forms.gle/VuxhPjbbhTSkoZ7r7

Guest Speaker :-  Adv. Aarushi Garg
(Advocate at Punjab & Haryana High Court)

Date :-  07 February, 2021

Platform:- Google Meet & You Tube

Registration:- Free

Certificates will be provided to all the participants. (T&C)

DM your questions & we will ask it during the session.

Website: http://socialnexusfoundation.com/

Thank You!With Best Regards,Social Nexus Foundation(7909030062)

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