BATTLE OF THE BEST is where your search for the BEST virtual debating competition comes to an end. We ensure you a thrilling event with incredible arguments and brilliant exchanges; and that too with a mind-boggling prize money of ₹20,000

Here is a wrap-up of all the information you may need

Registration fee – Rs 80

PRELIMINARY ROUND on 6th and 7th Feb

Final Round on 13th Feb


– 1st Prize : ₹4,000; 2nd Prize : ₹3,000; 3rd Prize : ₹2000, 4th Prize : ₹1,000
– Apart from the 4 main prizes, ₹100 to all the finalists
– A Gift hamper, worth ₹500 to all the finalist
– Certificate of winning to the merit holders
– Certificate of participation to all the participants

NOTE: Participants will be allotted a slot number that will belong to a particular time slot. This will be done in all the rounds.

For other event related details and for registering, click on the link below:

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