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[NLAT 2020] ‘We call on candidates and their parents not to be misled by this vilification campaign against us’: NLSIU emphasises on its Zero Tolerance Policy

Following the re-test of NLAT 2020 on September 14, 2020, National Law School of India University (NLSIU) has in the latest press release (on September 15, 2020), clearly stated its ‘Zero Tolerance Policy on Examination Malpractice’.

While confirming some cases of examination malpractice in NLAT 2020, NLSIU has stated that ‘the post-examination audit and review process is ongoing’ as it ensures full exam integrity.

‘We aim to eliminate any and every candidate who has indulged in any malpractice’, the release states. ‘Some cases of examination malpractice deserve criminal investigation’, the release further stated, herein confirming criminal complaints already lodged against some actors.

The premier law institute of India has also hit back at the critics who have been falsely accusing the test conducting authority for being exclusionary and charging the National Law Admission Test (NLAT 2020) as full of the hindrance. This came after when the student candidates reported several issues faced by them while appearing for NLAT 2020.

The Press Release by the University clearly stated:

“However, the University has been subjected to an orchestrated and malicious vilification campaign that rests on speculation, lies and outright fabrication. We (NLSIU) have been falsely accused of being exclusionary when there is no other national examination of a similar scale that has delivered as many processes and infrastructural accommodations as NLAT 2020.”

Informing more about the ‘post-examination audit and scrutiny’ after NLAT 2020, the University has stated that candidates’ behaviour will be analysed closely ‘along with seven data parameters’.

Thanking the candidates and parents who kept their faith in the whole examination process, the University through this press release asked them not to be misled by these vilification campaigns against NLSIU.

NLSIU assures the strict application of its Zero Tolerance Policy at the time of announcement of its results.

NLSIU, Bangalore conducted its own online entrance test (NLAT 2020) for both UG and PG Law courses on September 12, 2020. An additional re-test was also conducted on September 14, 2020, for candidates who have faced technical difficulties on September 12 and have reported them to the Technical Review Committee.

NLSIU’s decision to conduct its own separate entrance test, NLAT 2020, is being subject to several criticisms.  Earlier, the Supreme Court has allowed NLSIU to conduct NLAT 2020 but has restrained them from declaring results and announcing for admissions. The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the case regarding the validity of NLAT 2020 on September 16, 2020.

Click here to download the press release

Submitted By: Anadi Tewari

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