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DAHD mulls over change in penalty in Prevention of Animal Cruelty,1960

Union Animal Husbandry and Dairying Secretary, Atul Chaturvedi appears to be mulling over Section 11 Sub Section (1) of Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act, 1960 that provides the penalty for inflicting any form of cruelty on animals to be not less than Rs 10 and not more than Rs 50. He has expressed that his ministry is examining the rising cases of animal cruelty and is contemplating increasing the fine to make the Act more stringent and prevent such cases.

The 60-year-old Act stipulates the provision of penalising people who inflict any kind of cruelty defined in the section with a meagre amount of fine. Under the same law, none of the actions identified as ‘cruelty’ under Section 11 subsection (1) is cognisable except organising fights and shooting matches that use animals. Several animal rights activists and party members have demanded a change in such unreasonably low penalties.

Source: The Hindu

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