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SC Dismisses Homeo-treatment PIL

The Supreme Court, on Friday, dismissed a Public Interest Litigation filed by two homeopathic physicians, Dr Ravi M Nair and Dr Asok Kumar Das, seeking permission to treat mild COVID 19 cases with homeopathic treatment and intense cases with homeopathy and add on therapy. The plea states the arbitrary delay as a violation of Article 21. It goes on to claim:

  • Homeopathic medical treatment had ‘ample scope’ to treat COVID 19 cases as it was not based on causative pathogenic microbes.
  • It could stop the spread of the virus in the active stage.
  • It could prevent further complications of the disease, thereby avoiding the need for advanced treatments.
  • Unlike allopathic clinics, there are homeopathic clinics in every nook and corner requiring cheaper testing equipment. 

However, the plea stands dismissed by the Supreme Court on the grounds that the authorities are awaiting approvals and clinical trials of the same.

Source: Live Law

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