BSK Legal in association with LEGALINTELLECT Organizing Webinar on “MEDIA TRIAL” [Legal Perspective]

Legal Intellect was proposed and created in the year 2020 with the sole vision of delivering knowledge, command and awareness to aspiring lawyers in the field of law.
Legal Intellect emphasizes on spreading awareness about basic rights and basic law which plays and inevitable part in our life.
We not only assure knowledge in social and legal affairs, but also provide an individual with the exposure and right skill set needed in the field.
It is just the perfect place to quench a learner’s thirst. So why miss out? Join us on this wonderful journey with full of knowledge, Growth and Learning!

Currently due to this pandemic, we are trying to provide the best we can through online mode and Virtual Conferencing


BSK Legal in association with LEGALINTELLECT Organizing Webinar on “MEDIA TRIAL” [Legal Perspective]


1. Ms. Geeta Luthra.
2. Mr. Sanjay K Chadha.

Ms. Geeta Luthra – Ms. Geeta Luthra is a designated Senior Advocate. Mrs. Luthra has been practicing in the Supreme Court of India , the Delhi High Court and various other Courts. She is the Vice President of the Indian Council of Arbitration FICCI , member ICC India chapter Core committee, member Lawasia and International Academy of Family Lawyers. She is also a member of the Women’s White Collar Defense Association (WWCDA).She was awarded the prestigious Inlaks Foundation Scholarship for law at Cambridge where she pursued an LL, M and an M. Phil. in International Law. She is currently an Additional Advocate General for state of Haryana and a Senior Counsel for Union of Indian the Supreme Court.

Mrs. Luthra has argued several prestigious matters in Human Rights, Criminal law, and matrimonial law. She has lectured at various Universities and Law schools including George Washington , USA and several other international fora, at University College , London, UK , SOAS University London UK (The School of Oriental and African Studies) among others.
Mrs. Luthra has landmark judgments in various fields and has successfully defended rights of several members of society including women, children and transgenders . She is also been a lead counsel in landmark arbitration and land acquisition matters.

Mr. Sanjay K Chadha – Mr.Sanjay K Chadha in his 25 years of Legal Practice has represented his clients in various courts including the Supreme Court of India, almost all High Courts, and many tribunals. Mr. Sanjay K Chadha is a founding managing partner in the litigation, arbitration, and compliance law firm BSK legal. BSK Legal is known for its all India Presence and Labour law Compliances.

Scheduled Date and Time: Tuesday, August 18, 2020, 04:45 P.M. onward.

Registration Fee: FREE.

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/i3kifrrQWQBhb39L9

E-Certificate will be provided to all the participants.

Last date of Registration: Wednesday, August 17, 2020, by 10:00 P.M.
NOTE: You are requested to fill the FEEDBACK FORM which will help us to improve further.

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