YIMF invites applications from students for the following positions in the department

Number of Positions

• Department Head- The Department Head will manage the work of the entire department, delegate the tasks given, ensure that the work is being done before the deadline, and will be accountable for the progress of the department’s work.

• Web/Social Media Manager- The Web/Social Media Manager will make sure that the targets for all the social media pages of YIMF are being met.

• Outreach cum Marketing Manager- The Outreach cum Marketing Manager will have roles related to marketing the upcoming E-learning projects and increasing the outreach of the webinars and course organized by YIMF in the future.


Those interested in applying may mail their CVs along with a Statement of Purpose to subject line should read as  “Application for [Position]”. Interested candidates can send their Applications by 15th August 2020 till 11:59 PM. No Applications will be accepted after that. An interview of all the shortlisted candidates will be taken in order to be selected.


For any queries, do reach out at Email:, or contact the undersigned-
Priyam Jinger
CEO and MD
+91 96105 62287

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