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This article is written by Abhishek Yadav, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, Rohini

Introduction: Controlling a population, shaping the future
One of the major issues in the world is population nowadays because the population is increasing day by day and the sources are limited for living. For creating the awareness about this population issue we celebrate Population day every year on the 11th of July. Population growth in the world directly triggers higher demand for provision of various aspect of Human existence including housing, healthcare, food, infrastructure, jobs access to resources and many other issues. Controlling the population and their sustainability is vital in the health of a country’s economy.
There is not a set pattern to solve this issue either in developed or in developing counties. One of the best way to aware the people about that the population growth is just by giving the education to them about this population problem like to getting them to know that if the world becomes overpopulated so no one can get a better life and everyone going to face the difficulty to getting the better education, healthcare, and future job opportunities etc. (1)
People are more aware in the developed countries in comparison to the developing countries about the family size and population growth issue, the people who are in developing countries there traditional perception about children as important capital for a family are still prevalent.
Need to control the population
If we talk about India so population growth is a major issue in the country right now, PM Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech called for deeper thought about this issue. PM said that this population explosion can create new problems for future generations. However, the government is doing there best to aware the citizen of the country about this issue. (2)
The population is a big concern even the growth rates are declining recent estimates and statistics are showing slightly positive picture about India. But still, this is a major issue because of social and economic reasons. According to the ‘world population report, 2019’ India will overtake China in less than a decade but the news projections for India are the lowest since the UN began these forecasts. The reason is the sharp decline in India’s population growth rates over 10 years from 2001 to 2011. According to Census 2011, the growth rate of population has declined from 21.5% during 1991-2001 to 17.7% during 2001-2011, across all religious groups.(3)

Why do we need strict population control law
A country can only survive and grow when their population is in control because the sources are limited to fulfil the need of everyone. According to many of eminent personality in the recent time, we need a strict law to control the population problem and even the government is also aware of this issue that how much we need a strict law to tackle this issue according to Sanjeev Balyan (Union Minister, Govt. Of India) “Population explosion is the reason for most problems we are facing in this country. Pollution, poverty, and lack of sanitation facilities are all related to the high population and ‘Bharat Mata’ cannot bear this burden anymore.”(4)

And the government has presented their population control bill, 2019 in Rajya sabha once and there are doing everything to control the population in the county. World’s Population as of Now: as per the UN population division the current population of the world is 7.8 billion and the five most populous countries are as follows:

1 China 1,415,046,928
2 India 1,354,051,764
3 United States 326,766,948
4 Indonesia 266,894,980
5 Brazil 210,867,954
In a country like India where the sources are limited to fulfil the need of everyone and the citizen’s of the country are not that educated or aware about the issue like population control and they believe in the traditional values about there children’s especially the boy, so because of all this, it becomes the duty of the government to aware the citizens of the country about the population problem and they also need to make the strict laws related to population control so that it can help in controlling the population.

The world is facing the population issue especially the countries like China and India and other developing countries because of the lack of education, lack of awareness and because of there tradition values more than half of the world population is living in 2 countries(China and India) but China has made some controversial decisions to control the population like the one-child policy but in India, there is not such any law to control this issue and because of this the population is rising rapidly. This is time that we need to think and take actions related to this issue and make some strict laws and aware of the citizens.
Recently the government of Assam made a public controversial draft population policy. Under the policy, those with more than two children will not be able to get the government jobs or avail benefits like government housing contest local body elections.(5)
Overpopulation will give us nothing but just the problems because the natural sources are limited and this mother earth is not able to bear our weight anymore and becomes incapable now so, this is the time to do something to control this population problem not only in one country but in the whole world.

Abstract: The world is currently facing the population issue and they need to take the actions against it make some strict laws to control this issue other this can harm everyone.



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