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Permit advocates to take up alternative works, plea filed in the Supreme Court

A plea has been filed with the supreme court of India by a practising lawyer and Senior standing counsel to the Income-tax department, Charanjeet Chanderpal.
It seeks issuance of directions to the bar council of India till march 2021 so that other paralegal work can be taken up to earn the livelihood amid the pandemic and allow other ways of sustenance.
The plea says that the rules and regulations should be changed so that lawyers from middle and lower-middle-class can sustain themselves.
The plea highlights that instead of providing 3000,5000 to the advocates for sustaining themselves in the short term, a long term solution has to be provided.
It also highlights the loss of income that have been faced by the advocates in the pandemic during the lockdown which resulted in many reports of suicides, depression and inability to sustain. So it is requested in the plea to alter the rules and regulations in the advocate’s act,1961.

Source: Live Law

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