An Online Speech Competition on “Virtual Election Competition”: Legal Zems


VASL, a speaking platform of LEGAL ZEMS, where every one gets the chance to present one’s opinion. We aim at taking out the fear of speaking and raising voices for the change. we believe that Effective public speaking skills can help with career advancement, as they indicate creativity, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, poise, and professionalism, qualities which are very valuable for the job market. Speaking at events and conferences is a good way of building credibility.


Legal Zems is a Law Aspirants led organization formulated with a vision of providing the platform for the youth to inculcate leadership skills and emerge as a strong personality who can stand with a strong opinion in the society. We at Legal Zems promotes mutual growth and development. We believe that knowledge is the fundamental in shaping tomorrow’s future and achieving uniform growth across region. The youth is the backbone of the nation.


  1. Participants are requested to use decent language in their speech keeping in mind the values of the topic and the aim of this competition.
  2. Participants are requested to use decent language in their speech keeping in mind the values of the topic and the aim of this competition.
  3. While recording the video make sure you put the camera at a stable position and then speak.
  4. Reading from the paper is not allowed.
  5. Make sure your speech is clearly audible and hand gestures visible.
  6. Participants are supposed to send their video entries latest by 26th September 2020 at with subject ONLINE SPEECHCOMPETITION.
  7. Decision of the Organizing committee shall be final and binding.
  8. Registration fee shall be  non – Refundable.
  9. No submission after 26th Sept 2020 shall be entertained.
  10. Minimum time limit is 2 minutes and maximum is 3 minutes for the video.
  11. Any unparliamentarily language or absurd behavior in the video shall lead to disqualification.
  12. One participant shall make one video in one language only.
  13. Language of the video can be either Hindi or English.
  14. Dual video of one participant shall lead to disqualification.


a) maximum number of “likes” on a video.  – 10 Marks

b) Clarity of the topic – 10 Marks

c) Content  – 10 Marks

d) Language – 10 Marks

e) Presentation of the views in the video – 10 Marks




Google pay/Phone Pe/Paytm : 

9891348721 (Prashant Kumar)

For more info :

Visit :

Contact/whatsapp : 

8376951009 (Prashant Mishra)

9315486852 (Ashita Singh)

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