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NLSIU responds to the NLU Consortium Press Release

NLSIU has responded to the Press Release by the NLU Consortium that stated the removal of National Law School of India University Vice-Chancellor Professor Sudhir Krishnaswamy from the post of Secretary-Treasurer of the NLU Consortium saying that the NLU Consortium leaves no choice for it but to disassociate itself from the conduct of Common Law Admission Test 2020 entirely. It further disputes the stance of the Consortium asserting that NLSIU has not violated any of the Consortium bylaws and has not acted in derogation of any of the objectives of the Consortium either. Their statement further claims that NLSIU had also raised concerns over the delay of CLAT and proposed a few suggestions which were all rejected by the Board as well. Earlier, the University has also contested the hold of CLAT on August 08th and August 27th, which it claims was decided unanimously by the Board.

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