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Legislation to Clean Ganga Soon to Come

The Union government has decided to introduce new legislation to clean the holiest River Ganga, one which millions of Hindus worship and 400 million people survive on. A draft of the bill is being screened by relevant authorities currently. Successful attempts such as the Ganga Action Plans and Namami Gange Campaign, 2014 were made earlier to clean the holy river.

Some of the critical points of the proposed legislation are:

  • Set out legal obligations to prevent pollution.
  • Draft legal obligations to maintain biological parameters at key geographical cities.
  • Apply ‘polluters-pay’ approach, which will lead to shutting down illegal factories and providing stricter compliances for permitted factories.
  • Prescribe scientific reference limit for the ‘health’ of the river.

This is the law will mainly apply to Uttarakhand, UP, Jharkhand and West Bengal, Delhi, Haryana and HP.

Source: The Hindustan Times

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