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808 students write To SC, protesting CBSE’s decision to conduct compartment examination amid COVID 19

The All India Students Association has written petition to the Chief Justice S. A. Bobde against the CBSE’s decision to hold compartment examination amid the COVID 19 pandemic A total of 808 students are signatories to the petition which states that to the utter shock of the applicants around 1,50,198 students from class X and around 87,651 students from class XII were placed to the compartment full subject by the CBSE.

The petitioners than submitted that the decision to conduct the compartment exam is in sheer violation of the Right to Health which is part of Right to Life enshrined in the Constitution of India, as it fails to consider the principles of health, safety, fair and equal opportunity for students. The petitioners have further mentioned, “that in view of unprecedented health emergency and rising numbers of the COVID 19 cases in the country, the conduct of compartment examination will expose the examinees to great risk and will undeniably sacrifice the basic principle of integrity by neglecting equal basis and treatment to all examinees.” Petitioner also says that compartment examination will also expose lacs of students across the country to the exponential risk of being exposed to the virus.
The petitioners have submitted that the decision taken by CBSE is itself flawed and is in complete disregard to the MHA guidelines of July 29.

The petitioners have thus urged the court to look at the grave urgency and criticality of the matter and take suo moto cognizance of the matter and keep the decision of the CBSE to conduct compartment examinations in abeyance until the situation normalizes. The petitioners also prayed the court for other alternative systems should be formulated, so there will be no discrimination, disadvantage and risk of life.

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