Certificate Course On “Consumer Law” By Katog : Register Now!!

Course Designed by Baglekar Akash Kumar, Advocate and Co-author of Consumer Protection, 2019 Book-published by EBC. Foreword by Justice V. Ramasubramanian and Special Appreciation by Mr. Arvind P. Datar.

Course starts from 1st of every month


Module 1: Introduction

  • Preamble
  • History of the Act
  • Important Definitions
  • Common Interest or Grievance Required for Class-action complaints
  • Consumer Protection Councils

Module 2: Establishment and District, State and National Commission

  • District Commission
  • State Commission
  • National Commission
  • Manner in which Complaint shall be made and Proceedings be conducted
  • Procedure of Admission of Complaint and Findings of District Commission
  • Limitation Period to File Complaint

Module 3: Mediation under Consumer Protection Act

  • What is Mediation
  • Who is a mediator
  • Why Mediation
  • Provisions in regard with Mediation under Consumer Protection Act
  • Procedure for Conducting Mediation under the Consumer Protection Act
  • Product Liability
  • Offence and Penalty

Module 4: Sample of Consumer Complaints

  • How to file Consumer Complaint under the Act
  • How to draft Complaint
  • Filing of Consumer complaint

Course Fee :600/-

Administration of Courses

1. Duration of the course is 2 weeks.

2. Video lectures (Recorded).

3. Access to the material(softcopy) would be granted.

4. You have to finish a module within specified time.

5. You will be given 3 days to submit the questionnaire at the end once we sent.


1. Open book exam at the end will be conducted in order to know course outcome (MCQ/Descriptive).

2. Softcopy certificate will be provided.

3. Questionnaire will be mailed via e-mail.

Registration and Payment Details

Click here, to register


Contact Details

WhatsApp or Call us at+91-8851742417+91-9136804644

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