Internship Opportunity At Enhelion: Apply By Oct 30!

About the Organization

Enhelion is an organization dedicated to the advancement of practical legal education in India since 2013. We offer a variety of courses that can be studied by law students and enthusiasts at their own convenience. Our focus is to bridge the gap between academia and the profession. Till date, Enhelion has a portfolio of about 450 courses on both conventional and contemporary areas of law and has collaborated with more than 40 law firms in India.

To date, more than 50,000 students have enrolled for a variety of courses offered by us. We have also published about 30 academic books in collaboration with the renowned international publisher, Bloomsbury Publishing Inc.

About Enhelion’s Student Volunteering Programme (ESVP)

We are conscious of the fact that law schools are the base of the legal profession in India. The role played by law students in the development of the profession cannot be and should not be neglected. Keeping this in mind, we invite applications for Enhelion’s Student Volunteering Programme.
ESVP aims to build a bridge between Enhelion and the student community in law schools in India. On the one hand, the programme will help Enhelion to develop an understanding of the changing needs of the law students and develop courses to suit their requirements, and on the other hand, it will act as a platform to disseminate Enhelion’s motto- “Lifelong learning made easy and affordable”. However, ESVP is not a one-sided programme. It has been structured to provide a win-win situation for both Enhelion and the law student who becomes a part of the programme.


Before applying for the student volunteering programme, please go through the specific requirements mentioned below. The applicant should be:

  • Pursuing Bachelor of Law (B.A. LL.B./ B.B.A. LL.B.) or Masters of Law (LL.M.) from any law colleges recognized by the University Grants Commission.
  • Sincere and serious about work commitment.
  • Possesses good communication, leadership, and marketing skills.
  • Able to understand and acknowledge the importance of online legal courses, specifically the courses relating to contemporary law subjects which are not extensively taught in law schools.
  • Willing to dedicate about 1-2 hours per week to fulfilling the assigned responsibilities.If you are unable to dedicate the specified amount of time because of an internship or examination, do let us know in advance. We will be happy to accommodate your needs!

These vacancies fill up fast; Join Team Attorneylex’s WhatsApp group to get notified immediately. Also check us out on Instagram and Twitter

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