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Online Certificate Course In Clinical Law by MELIORA LEGAL CENTER

Online Certificate Course In Clinical Law by MELIORA LEGAL CENTER

Legal research and writing skills are crucial for a bright future in the legal arena. The clarity and professionalism reflected in your works will go a long way in securing your clients. Whether you are part of a research team or a big shot lawyer, or a student at a law school, it is your research and writing skills that will make you stand out.

Meliora Legal Center is the ultimate destiny of dispute resolution that purposefully evolved to serve individuals, families, and various partnerships and businesses. It is well equipped to provide swift and satisfactory dispute resolution services for which it has a team of lawyers, mediators, and psychologists. They provide dispute resolution services for all sorts of civil disputes ranging from matrimonial dispute to business or partnership dispute; property dispute to consumer dispute at your doorstep

The course is divided into three activities-
1) Learning the basic skill sets of primary research and secondary research.
2) Learning the drafting and formatting style along with the case briefing.
3) Learning presentation and argument skills to demonstrate your expertise.
For full information on the course, please visit our link:

Course completion certificate with the performance report.
Opportunity to intern with Meliora Legal Center (to top performers)

Course commencement: February 1, 2021
Last date to register: January 30, 2021

Basic Certificate Course- INR 699
Advanced Certificate Course- INR 1100
The soft copy of the certificate is e-mailed free of cost. For the hardcopy INR 200 is charged against the printing and courier charges.

PAYMENT DETAILS (Kindly keep a screenshot with you):
Paytm: 9654338189
UPI: 9654338189@paytm


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