Call for Editors: International Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution Applications Open

About the Journal

International Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution is an open access, peer-reviewed and refereed journal published by Justice Remedem – Centre for conflict and Online Dispute Resolution

The journal publishes four issues every year. Please note that we only publish a specific number of articles and case reviews in each issue, and therefore cannot guarantee publication for a specific one. While we do try to publish articles submitted within the deadline, we may have to defer publication until later. The cut-off dates for submissions are as follows:

              Issue 1: 30 December
              Issue 2: 30 March
              Issue 3: 30 June
              Issue 4: 30 september

IJADR publishes contributions from experienced arbitrators, practitioners, academicians, and law students.

 The Journal covers all areas of international dispute settlement, including commercial and investment arbitration and all other modes of Alternative Dispute Resolution, such as negotiation, adjudication, expert determination and mediation. The Journal covers topics relating to both private and public, including public international, law, and welcomes articles that take a variety of approaches to law, including doctrinal, historical, comparative, sociolegal, philosophical, political analysis and economic analysis of the law.

Call for Editors

International Editors and Advisory Board Members- Law Professors from countries outside India

Senior Editor(s): Any Law Professor from any law college and Practicing Advocates.

Associate Editor(s): Law Students/graduates from recognized universities/colleges having Past Editorial board experience/personal publications are suggested to apply.

Student Editor(s): Law Students/graduates from recognized universities/colleges having Past Editorial board experience/personal publications are suggested to apply.

Prior editorial experience is not a necessary condition to apply.

Minimum Requirements

1. The applicant must be Professional, Professor (any teaching faculty), Researcher for the post of Senior editor.

2. Student studying in 3yr/5 year LLB or LLM program are eligible for post of Student editor.

3. The applicant must have strong research and analysis skill.

4. The applicant must possess strong command over the English language.

5. The applicant must have at least four publication with a peer-reviewed journal 

Application Procedure


Remuneration: Unpaid

Type of work: Online


Contact Details

Contact Number: 9350096894/9680323344

E-mail ID:


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  1. Alternative dispute resolution is apprant method to identify that regular judicial process had remained ineffective method for vast public acceptance due to time consumption. The technical process and other factors involved are so critical in patience exhausting that it shadows over the credibility of courts to gain confidence of people in it. Better option is that prelitigation condition needs to be sorted out as first condition instead of alternate condition. It has otherwise, success stories..


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