Workshop on “International Relations and Contemporary World Issues”: YIMF

YIMF Academia invites you to a workshop on “International Relations and Contemporary World Issues” by Dr. Manan Dwivedi, Faculty at the Indian Institute of Public Administration.

Date: 31stOctober, 2020.(Saturday)

Time: 6.00PM onwards

– E-Certificates will be provided to the participants on attending the workshop.

– This is paid workshop with a nominal fee of Rs. 60

– Study material for the workshop will be circulated. 



Registration link- 


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  1. International relations and contemporary world issues is extremely important concern of world community. In fact, and due to circumstances now prevailing in world, the civil society of world needs to work for independent thought and approach to such relations. Unfortunately, international relations are subservient to political orientation of countries inter se which neglect the vast proportion of populations around the world. It is now open and visible fact that politics of countries, regions and continets differ in relation to their own interests. Necessarily, interests thus of each country is irreconcilable with other. Such natural discourse of divergence keep blocked the vast segment of civil society who think and act differently and often away from political orientation of their respective nations. Then how come clash of political attitude of countries with one another could silence the voice of multiple interests of vast civil societies around the globe. Accademicians need to change the narrative of international relations from politics to mutual understanding and interests of civil societies to develop the new concept of international relations. This inventive and new beginning in such field shall foster exactly different and broader dimensions in this field to explore and exploit for world communities, of course, in unconventional way..


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