Research Paper  Writing Competition by Jus Commune: Register by: 11th November 2020

About the Organization 

Jus Commune is an online forum that promotes and seeks to maintain various legal competitions. The contests’ platter shall consist of quizzes, article writing, judgment writing, online debates etc. We strive to stimulate your abilities, and encourage you to sharpen your skills. We would showcase the best compositions with pride on Jus Commune. We believe that it’s competition which ensures the survival of the fittest.

About the Blog:

As Law students, it is our duty to simplify the complexities prevailing within the legal mechanism and convey them to the masses for their better perusal – at Jus Commune we aim to eliminate legal illiteracy in the country and ensure that people exercise their Constitutional Privilege of Freedom of Speech and Expression by the mode of Legal Writing. 

Consequently, this Research Paper Writing Competition offers a chance to express their views and opinions on contemporary socio-legal issues, thereby ensuring that ample of time available owing to the Lockdown is utilized to the optimum. 


Open to everyone not restricted to law students.


Open theme related to society or law.


  1. Top 2 contestants:- A Free Publication of their research papers in the acclaimed Journal for Students and Legal Researchers (JSLR) + 10% off in a Certified Course of Katog + Certificate of Excellence+  Free publication on Legal Views+ 5% off on the Courses offered by Legal Views + Online Internship opportunity at CLAW LEGAL.
  2. Next 3 contestants:- Free Publication of their research paper on Jus Commune under an esteemed category of highly recognized ones with their photographs and names + 40% off in a Publication in JLSR + 10% off in a Certified Course of Katog + Certificate of Excellence + Free publication on Legal Views+ 5% off on the Courses offered by Legal Views.
  3. Top 10 Participants (Excluding the Top 5):- 40% off in a Publication in JLSR + 10% off in a Certified Course of Katog+ Certificates of Merit + 5% off on the Courses offered by Legal Views.
  4. Next 20 Participants:- 40% off in a Publication in JLSR + 10% off in a Certified Course of Katog+ Certificates of Appreciation.
  5. Certificate of Participation and 30% off in a Publication in JLSR shall be assured for participants who register successfully and submit the research paper within the deadline.

Guidelines for Contribution: 

  1. All research papers  must be submitted in English Language only.
  2. Length of the article must not exceed 3000 words.
  3. Articles which are plagiarized beyond 20% shall be disqualified. 
  4. Co-authorship is allowed up to one Co-author (Not more than 2 Author per Article) 
  5. Times New Roman (Content 12, Sub-headings 14 and Title 18), Justified Alignment, Spacing 1.5.
  6.  All submissions must follow the uniform style of citation.
  7. All submissions shall be made to
  8. Details of the author(s) shall be provided in the body of the email while making the submission of the research paper for the Competition. 


Registration: 11th November 

Submissions: 20th November 

Declaration of Registration: December 

Registration Fees: 

Payment for Single Author: Rs. 50 

Co authorship: Rs. 100  

Payment shall be made to Aditi Mishra via Paytm/Googlepay: 9861723001

Mode of Registration: 

Participants are required to fill in the Google Form Link for Registering. Click here for the Registering for the Competition. 

The Screenshot of the Payment of the Registration Fee shall be attached with the Form for successful registration for the Competition. Thereafter, the Participants shall receive a mail from Our Team within 48 hours confirming the same. 

Contact Us:

Email ID:

Lavanya Rai: 6307317158

Aditi Mishra: 9861723001

Do Visit:


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  1. Research paper writing on various topics and fields of law carry immense value and consideration. However, the prime attention fetching in the field of law is art of judgment writing. Drafting for lawyer ties him or her to the last margin of responsibility to prove the facts and link it accurately to the exploited law of his advantage. Any devaition in basic drafting shall render him laible upto supreme Court and incidentally without remedy if fault is found in said drafting thus frustrating the cause likely to be advanced by client. Equally is important of judgment writing. A resourceful judge with deeper levels of knowledge add legal glamour while writing his judgments. Judgments become assets in public domain and must carry not only law reference but also interpretation of law. Thus high and attractive diction without losing essence of law cover judgments which turn to be source of knowledge and inspiration. We have distinct judgments of late krishna iyer whose legal philology has immense depth of high literary base though in cover and strictly in legal sylabia.. Indian legal system at judgment writing level needs high orientation and judicial officers at basic level ought to be skilful to have said art to do it instead go on conventional methods.. Researchers need to focus on it as distinct example is of krishna iyer whose judgment writing gained space for phd scholars to own thesis on it. Younger generation learning law must cover this field even from moot courts in addition to advocacy..


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