Webinar on “Protective Discrimination in Constitution of India”: Free registration

Most of the time our mind boggles when it comes to Protective Discrimination in Constitution of India so let’s not miss the Opportunity to have a complete clarity about the Topic.

Join us for a webinar with the brilliant Justice K.G Balakrishnan.

Konakuppakatil Gopinathan Balakrishnan  was the former Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of India. He is a former Chief Justice of India.He was the first judge from kerala to become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. His tenure lasting more than three years has been one of the longest in the Supreme Court of India.

DATE– 23th OCTOBER 2020

TIME– 4:00 Pm

Registration is free for all.

All the registered participants will receive an E-Certificate of participation.

Link For Registration- https://linktr.ee/Legal.Hut

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  1. It’s great to have view exchanges in seminar on protective discrimmination as laid down in the Constitution. However, during present dispensation the Constitution and other fedral organs had come under severe challenge due to particular inclination and political ideology of ruling class. We had seen tough legal reservations in CBI organisation, election Commission and appointment of governor of reserve Bank of India. The former governor Dr. Rughunathan had expressed his reservations as to how he was asked to have compromising bent while dealing with top constitutional executive machinery of country who politely denied to do so by quiting the office. In federal coperative system of goverance to advance the aims of higher objectives of democracy institutional liberty covered under protective discrimination or treatment of Constitution is highly required. Protective discrimination in Constitution seems to have been incorporated due to homogenous and hetrogenous characteristics of Indian society. Of late and under particular political motivation same had been under serious legal and adminstrative objections. Reservations had been one such focal point whileas, state wise protections on legislative basis has origin in protective constitutional discrimination.. Wish the seminar high success.


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