Online Internship Opportunity: Legalreadings

About LegalReadings

LegalReadings is Founded by the students of Aligarh Muslim University, run professionally supported blogs,  a newly established platform with the primary objective of promoting and publishing quality legal research on academics and contemporary issues of law.

About the Blog

The Blog aims to publish short academic articles alongside commentary on contemporary and recent emerging socio-political issues falling within the spheres of law.


  • Based on Legal research and article writing.
  • The interns are expected to work from home. They will be allotted one topic at a time either from academics or from current affairs along with writing guidelines.
  • Interns will be expected to submit the article (1500-2000 words) in a specified time-frame. After submission, they will be allotted their next topic.
  • Due credit will be given to the interns for their articles on the platform.
  • The duration of the Internship will be for one month.
  • Interns are required to provide 3 High-Quality articles minimum during the internship.


The applicant must belong to the Legal fraternity.

Number of Interns Required

There is no such restriction as it is an online internship where you have to work from home. The purpose of this internship is to mainly keep track of what is happening around the world and push interns to do something productive.


Interested candidates shall send their resume to along with the writing sample (up to 500-1000) with the subject line “Internship for September 2020”.

The internship will begin on 6 October 2020. (For 30 days till 6th of November 2020). Applications should be sent by 4 October, 2020. 

Selected candidates will be informed personally.


  1. Internship Certificate will be provided in pdf form.
  2. Flexible Working Hours will be there.
  3. This is a work from home internship.
  4. The Intern, who meritoriously performed during the Internship gets the chance to be a part of the Editorial Board of LegalReadings.
  5. Due credit for articles will be given.


For Queries Contact:

Ishant Garg: 7906526894


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