Legal Intellect was proposed and created in the year 2020 with the sole vision of delivering knowledge, command and awareness to aspiring lawyers in the field of law. Legal Intellect emphasizes on spreading awareness about basic rights and basic law which plays and inevitable part in our life.

We not only assure knowledge in social and legal affairs, but also provide an individual with the exposure and right skill set needed in the field. It is just the perfect place to quench a learner’s thirst. So why miss out? Join us on this wonderful journey with full of knowledge, Growth and Learning!


*Currently due to this pandemic, we are trying to provide the best we can through online mode and Virtual Conferencing*


LEGALINTELLECT is organizing a Webinar on “DOMESTIC ABUSE”

Speaker – Mr. Kumar Bhanu.

Mr. Kumar Bhanu did his graduation in Bachelor of Commerce Honours (B.Com Hons) from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, University of Delhi. Mr. Kumar Bhanu did his Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. Mr. Kumar Bhanu got enrolled with Bar Council of India and started practicing in District Courts of Delhi. Mr. Kumar Bhanu was a member of Saket Bar Association and Now Mr. Kumar Bhanu is practicing in Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

Mr. Kumar Bhanu has an area of practice on Criminal litigation, Civil litigation, Family disputes, and Labour disputes, Drafting of contracts and agreements.

Overview of Webinar:

  • History of domestic violence, Domestic violence enactment, Objective, Types of domestic violence, Definition of domestic violence, Procedure of filing of domestic Violence, Role of protection officer, Role of the service provider, Role of the magistrate, Rights of woman.
  • Orders – Residence order, Protection orders, Monetary relief, Custody orders.
  • Rights of a woman – Maintenance.
  • Offences  – Dowry death, Cruelty.
  • Harassment – occurred to men, Man claiming compensation. 
  • Divorce, Mutual divorce.
  • Breach of orders of the magistrate.
  • Right to appeal.
  • Different Case laws.

Platform – GOOGLE MEET                

Scheduled Date and Time: Saturday, September 26, 2020, 05:00 P.M. onward.

Registration Fee: 80 Rs/-

Registration Link- https://forms.gle/fxz7phSCKJrfQUNh8

E-Certificate will be provided to all the participants.

Last date of Registration: Friday, September 25, 2020, by 10:00 P.M. 


1. Keep your mic muted during the Webinar.

2. Be disciplined during the entire duration of the Webinar and maintain overall decency.

3. Do not turn on your mic for the purpose of talking and by any means whatsoever.

4. Join the meeting 15 min before the starting time.

5. If you have any queries or any questions in the session or have any of the issues please mention in the Queries section or Chat Box.

Violation of any of this instruction shall straightaway lead to immediate exclusion of the wrongdoer from the session and shall follow strict disciplinary action and you can be removed from the session right there.

*NOTE:* You are requested to fill the FEEDBACK FORM which will be circulated after the webinar. It will help us to improve further.

In case of any queries feel free to contact:

Mr. Pratyush Shukla, Coordinator-7860233999, legalintellectreg@gmail.com

Mr. Md Anas khan, Coordinator-9039995866, legalintellectreg@gmail.com

Website   – http://www.legalintellect.info/

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