Call for members: YIMF

About the Organization– YIMF 

Young Ignited Minds Foundation is a student-run non-profit organization whose primary aim is to help the poor children in acquiring education and helping them become self-sufficient to support themselves and their families. The composition of our organization mostly includes students who have come from different educational background varying from the law, engineering, medical to school students producing dynamic ideas for the effective management of our organization and serving to all the all the sections of our society.

About the Blog– YIMF Academia

YIMF ACADEMIA is an online blog aimed at generating awareness about issues such as Child Abuse and Prevention to cruelty against children, women empowerment and other socially contentious issues. The main focus of the journal is to create a forum to share different viewpoints on contemporary socio-legal issues.

Number of Positions

  • Graphic Designing Team Members – 2
  • PR / Outreach Team Members – 4
  • Executive Editor – 1

Work Profiles

Graphic Designing Team – Make posters for various calls put out by the Academia Team, including (but not limited to) call for interns, call for papers, etc. Also, create and implement designs for upcoming journals, newsletters and other projects.

PR / Outreach Team – Handling queries on mails and keeping a record all mails sent and responses received. The members would also be required to send out notificatons to partner websites to be put up on those websites. Other work would include contacting other organisations such as NGO, College Centres, Firms, etc., to partner with YIMF for various initiatives.

Executive Editor – Must have prior experience in handling the works of an ISSN assigned journal. Primary work would include allotment of manuscripts to other editors for review and keeping a record of the same, maintaining a coordination with other branches of YIMF (Graphic Designing Team, Social Media Team, etc.) and making sure that all the updates reach our social media handles in due time. 


Those interested in applying may send their CVs, along with a cover e-mail to .   The subject line should read as “Application for Graphic Designing Team Member / Outreach Team Member / Executive Editor”. 

Those applying for the post of Executive Editor are required to send a writing sample along with the CV while those applying for being a Graphics Team Member are required to send at least 2 work samples along with the CV.

Interested candidates can send their Applications till 20th September, 2020. Selected candidates would be interviewed in due time, after which the final selection would be made. 


For any queries, do reach out at Email: .

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