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Course on How to get Corporate Jobs & Internship

Course Overview:

Today’s dynamic environment demands enhancement of skills for personal and professional growth. Skill Development course has been structured with a envision to help law graduates and law students actualize the inert potential. The course covers a wide array of facets ranging from approach for self growth, building CV, advancement of skills, landing to dream job to build networking. There is a huge potential which one can gain from this course.


How to choose career in Law

  • How to prepare a plan for self-growth in Law
  • How to use best available Resources for Research
  • How to assess your Skills & Improve them
  • How to Increase Productivity by nourishing the Skills you have
  • How to choose between a Law Firm & Corporates
  • How to plan your 5 or 3 year Internship Plan

How to approach Institutions for Job & Internships

  • How to approach Top Law Firms & Get your Dream Job or Internship
  • How to Build PR relations & its Benefits 
  • How to follow up with HR and an Organization

How to get your Dream Job or Internship

  • Learn to build CV,Cover Letter etc.
  • Prepare for Interview (Including few Mock Interviews)
  • Skills to adapt for Group Discussions, Debate

How to ace your Internship & Job

  • How to secure a PPO at top organization or a law firm
  • Things to focus while working in the Legal Industry
  • Style Guide Tips for a Lawyer
  • Effective Ways to be more productive at a Law Firm
  • Prepare yourself for Virtual Presentations  


  • Enhance personal growth and help you build your network and manage time effectively.
  • Advancement of communication and negotiation skills.
  • Increase opportunities for career development.
  • Widen employment opportunities and provide an edge for selection.
  • Supplement growing skills by providing specific field knowledge.
  • Enhance creative and critical thinking.
  • Development of leadership skills and improve teamwork and efficiency.

Duration: 6 Hours

Course Fees: Rs 500

Registration link:

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